Upcoming 'Morning News Review' Series

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Due to a temporary change in my work schedule this week, I am waking up at dawn and coming home in the afternoon time frame--almost completely opposite of my routine.  Needless to say, it has been taking its toll on me both physically and mentally and I am feeling totally out of whack, especially after lunch.  I should be back to normal come Monday when I return to my regular more-forgiving hours.

Although I could use it as an excuse not to post anything here during the duration, this week does provide an out-of-my-ordinary journalism opportunity.  When I used to be on a regular 8AM-5PM shift, one or more of the various morning news shows would serve as my preparation for almost anything that the office might throw at me upon my arrival.  I admit that I did have my favorites back then and I almost reverted to that old habit on Monday until I realized that I could, for the sake of my current studies, sample (almost) all of them this week and provide my own individual takes on their programming.

Here is my expected viewing schedule:

  • Monday (June 11) -- Today (NBC)
  • Tuesday (June 12) -- Good Morning America (ABC)
  • Wednesday (June 13) -- CBS This Morning (CBS)
  • Thursday (June 14) -- Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien (CNN)
  • Friday (June 15) -- Fox & Friends (Fox News)

The sampling will be conducted during the first 20-30 minutes of the programs (7AM starts for all except Fox & Friends, which starts at 6AM).  I excluded MSNBC's Morning Joe or Current TV's Full Court Press since I usually watch their last hours when I am on my regular schedule. HLN's Morning Express with Robin Meade was also left off this list because I already have a CNN offering.

I will be commenting on the content, the personalities, the visuals/graphics/aesthetics and the show's overall impression on me, a seasoned television news viewer and current journalism student.  The reviews will be posted in the order of viewing and I hope to get the first few up here sometime over the weekend.

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