Procrastination Strikes (Yet Again)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
I am trying to get back into a regular posting routine but it is somewhat difficult right now.  For example, I was working on a post last week to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the JFK assassination and how that event helped create the television media we have today but I let it sit too long.  Even when I could have linked in the recent death of Tom Wicker, the New York Times White House correspondent, and his on-scene coverage of that horrific day, I lollygagged on the item and allowed it to lose its 'immediacy' with my readers.  Not meeting even 'soft' deadlines is not a quality for a budding journalist to aspire for.

I could blame the holidays--I just had a 4-day weekend and immersed myself in a variety of sports broadcasts over that period--but I think it goes farther than those diversions and highlights my long-standing 'relationship' with procrastination.  I am lacking passion and need to develop a routine that allows me to maximize my non-work hours (I do have a regular job and other responsibilities) so I can devote a portion of that time to something that I believe that I want to do someday on a professional level.  I do have a final exam pending in my current class but I must find time for this site, too.

With that being said, let me try something different.  To goad myself into meeting some sort of suspense, I will now announce that I am planning on working on a few stories for posting here over the next week or so.  One concerns the endorsement of former House speaker Newt Gingrich by the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper this past Sunday.  Another is about a recent visit I made to our local Occupy Wall Street outpost.  The third--and this one is 'iffy'--would be a field assignment to cover an  upcoming visit by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.  I will set a deadline of this coming Friday (December 2nd) as a 'hard' deadline for the first one to appear here so I better get on it quickly.

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