A/V: "Occupy Wall Street" Movement Comes to Dayton

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
About two dozen boisterous protestors turned out for the anti-Wall Street rally

Two weeks and one day into the New York City protests against corporate greed in America, many cities across the country have begun to hold their own rallies in support of their efforts.  In the shadow of the Key Bank building in downtown Dayton, approximately 25 protesters took to the street this morning to let their voices be heard on this initiative to passing vehicles and pedestrians near Courthouse Square.

Organized through several social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter), demonstrators converged at 11:30am and were scheduled to be there for approximately 1-2 hours.  Several members of the traditional media and at least one online blogger covered the activities.  Pamphlets listing the group's goals were handed out to interested individuals.  The group will be holding a similar event this Saturday (8 October) at 2:30pm at the same location.

 Demonstrators lining up along North Main Street to attract attention to their cause.

 A variety of homemade signs expressed the demonstrators' solidarity against 
Wall Street corruption and greed.

One banner diagnoses the state's economic health as 'critical'.

Several video crews from local television stations taped footage with 
the protestors for broadcast later in the day.

An online journalist taping interviews with attendees.

One local station did a live segment for their noon newscast from the location.

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